Paper Workflow is Sending Your Company Broke

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I want to point out that this is an entirely self-serving post.  GammaWorks primarily works in converting SMBs with mobile employees from relying on paper to implementing a mobile, paperless workflow.

With that in mind, what’s not self-serving is the cost to your business every time you or one of your employees uses paper for anything.  How much does it costs per document or per form for:

  1. Printing
  2. Distribution
  3. Mailing
  4. Collection
  5. Sorting
  6. Scanning
  7. Filing

A recent AIIM survey suggested that the average cost per form is over $4.50.  That’s per form; per piece of paper, everyday…by each person.

Then, consider the cost of the work surrounding the management of paper-based processes.  To give some examples, how much time has your business spent re-keying data, searching for paper copies and filing?  How much have you spent on “lost” paperwork?  On storing hard copy records or records management?

I know…scary when you think about how much you’re spending on these things.  And you have to get that cost back from your customers, somehow.  Yikes!

Starting the paper-less journey can deliver real, tangible cost benefits directly back to your bottom line by reducing costs without having to reduce your existing pricing.  That, my friends, equals greater gross margin!  And you know you love a big gross margin…you KNOW you do.

How much?  Add it up:

  1. How many mobile employees do you have
  2. How many forms do they fill out per day
  3. How long does it take them to fill out a form
  4. How many trips do they make to drop off/pick up forms per month
  5. How far on average do they have to travel to drop off/pick them up
  6. How long does it take your administrators to enter the forms
  7. Average wage of your mobile worker
  8. Average wage of your admin staff
  9. How much do you spend on printing each month
  10. How much do you spend on postage each month

By moving to a mobile, paperless workflow expect to see the time to complete a form reduce by 50%, data entry time by 70%, printing costs by 60%, postage by 60%, as well as greater mobile employee productivity by gaining back lost time in pick up/drop off.

Drop those cost savings back to your bottom line each month.  You just saved a crap load of cash, became instantly more price competitive, and now love the planet by beginning the journey to an eco-friendly, sustainable work place.  Here at GammaWorks we sometimes help people hug their first tree, too.

Want to be awesome and have more money?  Yea, we can do that.

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