What the actual hell is digital workflow?

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Free stock photos, content marketing strategy, social media to blog to landing pages, hashtags, keywords, Bing, Google.

For fukc’s sake this can not be the way forward.

Warning before, I intend to use profanity liberally and I may or may not write more blog posts after I’ve had about 5 Coronas.  I will rant about the evils of corporations, the inequality of international politics, and tell you about how it sucks to be a techno-geek in your 40’s.  Just not today.

This is an introduction to GammaWorks and it’s core message: That technology doesn’t have to cost you millions and be overly complicated.  It also doesn’t have to be filled with jargon that leaves you confused.  You don’t have to wear a fedora or have a great beard to use it, and you can make it make you more profitable.

GammaWorks partners with practical technology platforms and uses different combinations to design, develop, and deploy solutions primarily for small and medium businesses.  While we have a mix of large and small clients, we really focus on the little players where decisions can be made, changes adopted, and results identified before the big guys finish rolling out their big ball of red tape.

Our main profile is in mobile workflow / digital form work for remote field teams.  Translation?  We use a mobile data collection app to help your field workers get their paperwork in faster.  Think: Air Conditioning technician submits is service record immediately so it can generate an invoice straight away.

In the coming weeks, I’ll talk about all kinds of stuff that helps businesses leverage available tech in profitable ways.

…and of course if you’re interested in tech help reach out to me -> max_joy@gammaworks.net