Right vs Wrong

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What does moral compass mean to you?  On a scale from 1 to 10, where 10 is the highest, how important is it for you to feel consistent moral guidance? At work? At home?

What compels a company to lie to its customers?  Is the short-term gain so compelling that trust becomes irrelevant?

Somewhere in your company an overly enthusiastic, wannabe financial dork is telling some jerked up suit about “…projecting higher revenues…” and misrepresenting the truth.

So what makes a company start to lie, to cheat, to cover up problems, and to cloud the truth with so many misinterpretations and complications of the truth that it becomes impossible to tell what’s really happening?

All kinds of possibilities: obsessive concentration on saving one’s proverbial ass by focusing on short-term financials, the earth-moving half-yearly results, and investors pushing for dividends and returns; the perception that everyone does it, so it’s accepted industry practice; and yes, an arrogant belief that you are stupid.

GammaWorks will always stick to one sentence: If it doesn’t add value for our client, we won’t do it.  As we grow, “value” for “our client” will include our employees well-being.  After all, take care of your people and they’ll take care of your company.

It sounds cliché but it helps to keep the compass pointed in the right direction.  After all, when duping your clients in search of profits becomes normal practice, the moral compass of your company has shifted too far.  And for all of us who have stayed silent in the face of these situations, our complacency is equal to our endorsement.

It’s time to reset our way of thinking.  Rebuilding your culture once you’ve sold it off takes years

If it can be done at all.

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