Mobility Means Profit

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Higher customer expectations from increased competition demand that your service business change its offering to remain relevant.  How?  Well you can either shrink your service based costs (usually staff…never a great move and will take you years to recover from) or improve your efficiency and achieve higher productivity.

Technology enables your mobile workforce to increase the amount of time working.  Of course, that might not be so awesome to some of your service folks.

Recently, I was working through a cost-savings initiative for a client of mine surrounding the data entry component of timesheet entry.  When we mapped out the existing process the client was surprised to learn that his organisation spent in excess of 35 hours per week entering timesheets, checking error reports and re-keying/correcting them, scanning documents, and chasing outstanding paperwork to reconcile the time entered.

Working towards automating the collection of times, data transfer from mobile devices, updating completed work, and then correcting data paths and processes meant we were able to drop that timesheet management time down to 2 hours a week…that’s a savings of almost 6.5 hours a day.

Where you have manual processes, why not examine them to discover if data and information is being double or even triple handled?  Establish if there’s an issue with system performance or employee expertise in system utilization.

A mobile initiative will have the greatest cost effect on:

  1. The number of resources required to manage service requests
  2. The number of administrative hours spent managing paperwork
  3. Limiting non-productive or lost time

It’ll also affect your revenue by

  1. Increasing capability for quotation submission and approval
  2. Increasing the rate of job completion per day by field staff

And finally, a mobility initiative will affect your customer satisfaction by

  1. Improving information flow / reporting
  2. Providing significant data to help them make decisions
  3. Deliver historical reporting and help them manage for the future.

GammaWorks has helped both big and small organisations quickly realize cost savings and start recognizing revenue opportunities through the practical, cost-effective implementation of proven technology.

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