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It’s the 21st Century! Why are you still using paper?!

The time to digitize your field data capture process is now!

Why do you need mobile data collection? Paper data capture – so many things wrong with it. Where to start? Because of its dependency on human beings getting things right, paper creates a lot of opportunity for error from the creation of the record, to the entry of the information into your digital application (we refuse to believe it could be a file cabinet.) Paper is physically vulnerable, important business information can be blown away by a gust of wind or destroyed by a clumsy worker and her cup of coffee, Finally, paper is SLOW, therefore not really a profit grabber.

GammaWorks collection application is a mobile business solution that saves you time and money by taking your paper business forms and creating an accurate and timely digital entry point on your smart device(s). GammaWorks will build you a simple, affordable access to its app that is customised to your business needs, because we know no two businesses are truly alike. Existing business applications can be integrated with your custom mobile workflow app, so the only change you will see is the absence of paper cluttering your day. Businesses all over Australia are leaving old fashioned paper business forms behind and affordably converting to 21st technology with our simple, elegant and efficient platform.

Because who doesn’t like more time and money?

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Field Data Capture

Mobile Data Collection Means No More Paper. Ever.

Mobile Data Collection means paper records are no longer a part of your business operations. Our mobile workflow solution digitises your field documents so that you’re able to collect information and merge it with all of your workflow applications in real-time. Mobile workforces save thousands of hours and forests of trees by moving to our field data capture solution. Because we convert your pre-existing documents into mergeable PDF files, you won’t have to toss out the baby with the bath water if you work with businesses that aren’t as sophisticated as yours. Those businesses will find you to be an easier partner to work with since data is captured and correctly assigned to each field of your merge-enabled document. Every. Damn. Time.

Your partners may even notice you’re paying your employees to do their job right the first time, and that’s it. With our mobile data collection, integration, and reporting capabilities, your workforce will minimise errors so they can spend their time – and your money – being proactive. Your partners may be jealous, just a warning, GammaWorks can even send the data directly to your cloud based business applications, saving hours of data entry into multiple systems. With all the new found resources and time you’ll have, you just might be able to do some hiring so we also offer turnkey scalability with unlimited user profiles available.

Imagine a world where a work order is seamlessly and flawlessly triggers an invoice, schedules workers and orders materials…..beautiful isn’t it?

Save time, money, trees, headaches, lost information, and your sanity.

field data capture


GammaWorks mobile workflow solution can mean the end to one pesky form…or it can revolutionise your entire business management process. You see, the “Collect” side of things can be addictive because, again, who doesn’t like more time and money? Once you integrate one document and automate one process, you’re going to want more. And that’s ok, we saw that coming and we’re ready.

Here are some of the reasons you’re going to want to sign-up, as a result, enter into a long and mutually beneficial relationship with GammaWorks:

  • Data Capture will be a dream. Information is correctly assigned to each file of your digital document. Every time.
  • Digital signatures and photos are easily placed directly onto your documents. No more playing round-up.
  • Notifications are triggered whenever electronic data is captured, so you’ll have total business transparency. All the time.
  • Businesses are able to use PDF, Word, Excel, PowerPoint, web-based forms, or even in API accessible data feeds and send them anywhere. Anywhere. As much as you want.
  • Collected data can be delivered to multiple destinations, so all your departments can be on the same page at the same time. For once.

GammaWorks delivers ultimate efficiency, saving you time, energy and resources. It’s the ultimate mobile workflow solution.


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Security & Delivery

The idea of all your data floating around in space can be a little scary. GammaWorks data is backed up here in Australia, in North America, and in the EU. With unmatched security features both on the device and in the cloud,. You can rest assured of data access and protection. Your data is encrypted upon transfer and at rest with 24×7 monitoring and intrusion detection. In addition to layers of system level security, the GammaWorks application also offers full field level encryption, if you need it. Field level encryption is what allows our platform to be approved for HIPAA compliant.

  • Flexible delivery options allow you to specify what secure portal your information should be delivered to:
    • Email to client or office
    • Dropbox
    • Box
    • Google Drive
    • EchoSign
    • DocuSign
  • Multiple delivery points and options can be defined, so when contracts have to go through DocuSign and then route to Box they will.
  • Users are able to define specific conditions as to when and where data should be delivered, for example work order today sets a timer on a parts order to be available in two weeks when you’re able to schedule the job.
  • Since we know things can happen, documents can be locked to prevent editing as they travel through cyberspace.
  • No document is saved on GammaWorks servers. We have enough to deal with.
  • In the unlikely event something goes wrong, just give us a call, we will reinitiate your data merge and save the day.


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