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Transform paper data collection methods to clean digital records instantly. GammaWorks’ Mobile Data Collection application offers the most powerful and advanced mobile data collection forms for iOS and Android.  We know good data is precious so we make sure it’s managed properly.  Over 35 different elements, list creation, photo annotation, and GPS are just the start. 


Work faster and smarter with custom integration capability for data processing, connecting with other applications, and managing your data all in one place, in real time.

Streamline repeated tasks, improve workflow, and keep your business moving with and enterprise API and unmatched security.



GammaWorks already creates custom reporting functions – from custom Office documents linked to your collected data through to super fancy data queries to other platforms and combined data sets – for businesses just like yours.  Set up webhooks on forms of your choice to automatically have JSON or XML data sent to other systems or web services; save time, money, and headaches!  And, if your business requirements change your reports can, too!

Managed Service

Let’s talk about business impact: Frankly, deciding to implement any type of mobile application is scary for almost every business.  GammaWorks is a managed service so as to not adversely impact what you’re doing.  There’s simply no substitute for experience and with almost a decade helping all kinds of businesses achieve their mobility goals, we’re absolutely sure we can help you to.



Improves Your Business


Accurate Records

Your mobile workforce is likely made of human beings right? Unless you’ve mastered some rad robotic/AI stuff that you haven’t revealed to the rest of us, we’re going to believe that they are still flesh and blood people. Who said, “To err is human….?” Doesn’t really matter – all that matters is that it is TRUE. Good data is today’s goldmine so make sure you’ve got it in your hands as soon as possible AND it’s accurate.  Oh, and we even operate when your field teams have zero connectivity.  Eliminate the errors and start gaining real insights, advantages, and cost savings.

Real Time Data Transfer

If you’re still using paper in your business for critical functions, how long do you wait to get the information you need? Is it all turned in at the end of the day? Then, recorded the next day? How about an invoice…how long before that piece of paper turns into cold, hard cash? When does a does parts order get to your vendor? Couple days later? Time is money and each one of those questions can add up to thousands of lost dollars.  Communicate all information to relevant departments in real time, at the same time – saving you hours of data entry and get that money back on the bottom line!

Eliminate Waste

Every year, the world produces more than 300 million tons of paper *U.S. Environmental Protection Agency (not fake news).  Printing and writing papers typically found in an office – copier paper, printouts, notepads etc – make up the largest category of paper product consumption.  Some stats of the scale:

  • 45% of the paper printed in offices ends up in the trash.  Estimated to be over a trillion sheets of paper per year, world-wide;
  • In the US alone, companies spend more than $120 billion EACH YEAR on printed forms which are outdated in 3-5 months anyway;
  • Your employees spend 30-40% of their time looking for information in filing cabinets;
  • Each misfiled document costs your business an estimated $125.00, each lost document? Anywhere from $350 to $700;
  • On average, large organisations lose a document approximately every 12 seconds; and
  • More than 70% of today’s businesses would fail within 3 weeks if they suffered a catastrophic loss of paper-based records due to a fire or a flood.


  1. Forest Ethics
  2. Environmental Paper Network
  3. World Resources Institute

100% Business Transparency

GammaWorks believes that bsuinesses are looking to connect with something beyond a product, service, contract etc.  We’ve got a meaningful story and real-world experience, not just dudes in suits hocking software and then move on as possible.

With GammaWorks, you’re going to get great service, great advice, and great interaction with a great product.  We’re not going to nickel-and-dime you to death for every little thing or invoice you every time there’s a phone call.  Where there’s work to be done we’re opne about costs and time-frames.

We think you want a company that will behave like you have a choice and respects that you’ve chosen us.  Simply, you mean more to us.

Can’t ask for more than that so imagine the sleep you’ll get. IMAGINE IT.

Easily, Affordably Scalable and Secure

Use as much or as little as you want.  How? GammaWorks can provide you multiple costing models to work out what is the most cost effective plan for your business.

  1. “User licensing costs decrease with volume?”  Yea sure, let’s talk.
  2. “What about a cost per document?”  Can do and already do so…happy to discuss.
  3. “What about discounts if we go above or below a target amount?”  Sounds like a plan.  We do it for others already, so we know it works!

GammaWorks data is backed up here in Australia, in North America, and in the EU.  With unmatched security feature both on the device and in the cloud, rest assured of data access and protection.  Your data is encrypted when it’s sent and when it’s received with 24 x 7 monitoring and intrusion detection.  We can also offer full field level encryption, if you need it.


We’re ready if you are.

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